Kayo Creative

Kayo Creative

A design and manufacturing company with core of traditional crafting with innovation from young minds. Bringing your imaginations to reality, your own personal Craftsman.


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Kayo Creative

March 19, 2021 | Manbhawan, Lalitpur


Good memories are like charms.Each is special. You collect them, one by one, until one day you look back and discover they make a long, interlocked br ...Read More

Kayo Creative

March 12, 2021 | Manbhawan, Lalitpur

Wonder Women Bracelet.

You are stronger than you believe, You have greater powers than you think.

925 Sterling Silver
Handcrafted by @kayo_studio

Kayo Creative

March 08, 2021 | Manbhawan, Lalitpur

Rose Ring

Roses are red, this one is a gold
Made by Kayo, never gets old.

925 Sterling Silver Ring
Handcrafted @kayo_studio