About Us

Market Place Portal - Your one-touch access to business


In the Market Place Portal, people add their business or contribute businesses. The portal is to make business available and accessible to all. Market Place as the name suggests is a portal that brings business to one platform for both the owners as well as to service and product seekers.


What will Market Place Portal do?

It's very simple, it gives a digital presence to all kinds of businesses. It will help businesses reach out to their target groups/masses. Similarly, it will help product/service seekers to find their search in one click with assistance to reach the destination with the help of a map. The easy search function in the portal directs the seekers to the desired service or product providers.

For Business Owners

  1. List your business
  2. Add your product details/services
  3. Post and update your business in the portal regularly
  4. Make your post the feature post for business promotion
  5. Create followers for your business and get in touch with them with your promotional content
  6. Share your content to social media
  7. Follow the reaction of your posts through smiley & sad ratings
  8. Get feedback on your post through comments & ratings
  9. Get calls from potential customers directly from the portal
  10. Provide accessibility of your business location through map
  11. Get access to the paid premium services like for additional activity/exposure
  12. Advertise your business with paid banner promotions in the portal


For Service Seekers & Customers

  1. Use the easy search function to find business & products you are looking for
  2. Follow the business and products of your interest
  3. Get updates on the products and business you follow
  4. Interact on the post with comments & ratings
  5. Use a business page and a map to get in touch and locate the business without the hassle
  6. Take participation in activities listed in premium feature hosted by business houses



Why do I need to be in Market Place Portal?

In this digital age, it's impossible to stay out of internet-based business. If you are a business owner, you would definitely would like to have your business/services listed in the portal. We are sure you don't want to stay out of it and miss out on opportunities when your competitors are active with their businesses.


It is one of the most cost-effective ways to publicize your business and service. The portal provides a platform to continuously promote your products & offers and make followers for your business. Service seekers can directly contact you through the portal or visit you using the location map without having a hassle of giving directions.


If you are a service seeker and you tried many ways to find out the product or service you wanted to purchase, Market Place can be the ideal place for you. With one single search, you can find what you are looking for and can also easily inquire or access the right business to place your order.


What do I need to do to be part of Market Place Portal?

You can simply create a login and start adding your business. If you want to become a contributor, the process is the same. Make your login, your account will be verified by the Market Place portal team. Once it's done, you will be notified. Then you can start contributing businesses. You will be paid for each of your contributions. However, your contribution will only be approved after the cross verification from the Market Place team to ensure genuine content/business.


How much does it cost for business listing?

A basic listing and promotional posts in the business pages are free. We would like to encourage all the business houses/owners to be the part of Market Place portal and make the most out of it. There are premium services in the portal which is not free but can be used with nominal charges. Please refer to pricing plans for details.


For the service seekers and portal users, everything is FREE.